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One of the great strengths of our program is the cooperation among faculty of diverse languages and specializations. Recently the department launched its new Ambassador Model for Learning and Teaching, which holds up a vision of what our majors achieve and how we help them reach their goals. The model affirms our common commitments to four areas that underpin the virtues of ambassadorship:

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The MCL Ambassador Model, in part, is informed by the 'Languages for the Professions and Specific Purposes' movement in language pedagogy. For more on LPSP and how recent innovations in MCL curriculum and assessment directions reflect this approach, click here:

“LANGUAGES FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (LSP)” Ambassador-Class World Languages Education for the global century (.pdf).

In addition to our major programs, we offer strong minor programs in French, Italian, and Spanish and World Language Advantage Certificate paths in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Students who plan to work as language experts or teach a world language are encouraged to take a second language, as flexibility enhances your chances of success in your post-college career.

We strongly encourage our majors to study abroad. The International Education Office provides numerous low-cost opportunities for global learning—including opportunities in French-speaking Quebec, Canada; Paris, France; Salamanca, Spain; and Siena, Italy, to name just a few.

In our major programs, we are able to offer you small classes which promote student participation and proficiency in the foreign languages and afford you, the student, the opportunity to get to know your professors well.

Undergraduate Programs

The B.A. programs develop students' ability to use the spoken and written language as they learn about the culture, history, and literature of the areas of the world where this language is spoken.

The B.A. degree program in Arts and Letters (French Romance Studies) provides the opportunity to craft a customized major for students who are interested in the study of any of the forms of human expression, creativity, and culture, and whose career/life plans would be served by an academic scope broader than that offered by any single department.

Spanish majors in the B.A. program select a course sequence that focuses either on Spanish literature and culture, or on Latin American culture and Spanish American literature. Students are encouraged to study in Spain, Latin America, or France for a semester or year. Freshmen who want to teach French or Spanish begin their studies in the B.A. program.


The classical studies minor enables students to study the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, including their art, history, mythology, philosophy, and theater.

The French, German, Italian, and Spanish minors enable students to study a foreign language and the culture of the countries in which that language is spoken.

The interdisciplinary international studies minor give students the opportunity to combine their language skills with another field, such as economics, history, or women’s studies.

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