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About the Program: 

Whether you are thinking about an international career or just yearn for a life of travel, a minor in Spanish can prepare you for the world ahead, or signal to employers and graduate schools that you are ready for international opportunities. A minor involves taking six courses, as described below, and can augment your major program.

Minor Program Requirements (21 credit hours)

SPA 101 Beginning Spanish I (3 credits)
SPA 102 Beginning Spanish II (3 credits)
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits)

Required for Minor
SPA 301 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 credits)
SPA 302 Introduction to Hispanic Media (3 credits)

Students who begin with SPA 101 must select one (1) course within any advanced study area.

Students who begin with SPA 102 or SPA 201 must select at least two (2) courses within one advanced study area.

Students who begin the minor with SPA 202 or higher must select two courses or more in any two advanced study areas for a total of 21 credits.

Areas of Advanced Study

Language and Linguistics
SPA 305 Spanish Phonetics (3 credits)
SPA 317 Business Spanish (3 credits)
SPA 405 Old Spanish (3 credits)
SPA 415 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (3 credits)
SPA 416 Advanced Conversation (3 credits)
SPA 421 Structure of Modern Spanish (3 credits)

Culture and Civilization
SPA 306 The Civilization and Culture of Spain (3 credits)
SPA 309 Culture and Civilization of Latin America (3 credits)

Peninsular Literature
SPA 307 Spanish Authors Pre-1800 (3 credits)
SPA 308 Spanish Authors 1800-Present (3 credits)

Spanish American Literature
SPA 310 Spanish-American Literature Authors 1492-1810 (3 credits)
SPA 311 Spanish-American Authors 1810-Present (3 credits)

And other 300 and 400 level courses including senior seminars.

Program Requirements: 

More information about this minor may be obtained through the Modern and Classical Languages Department.

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